(Im)material Spatiality

Film/edit: Mads H. Peterson aatelier.org

Film/edit: GI/IGA

(Im)material Spatiality
is an investigation on the concepts of the void and immaterial space.

The immaterial. Elements……. Forces of nature, wind, pressure, oxygen, nitrogen. Space itself.
The air we breathe.

The void. Defining what surrounds us. The very matter in which we exist, unseen to the naked eye.
Instruments are required to truly percept our surrounding space.
Most evident when one lies down looking up at the sky.

How we understand space, the language of architecture, learned from birth, what is space?
Space itself can not be, one become aware of space.

A project by: Philip Ekwall, Thais Espersen, Jakob Ingemansson, Anders Krogdal, Magnus Ohren and
Sune Rieper. Soundscape developed with Marta Linkmeyer Gabino.

Produced and first exhibited in and around Platform1Gallery, London, August 2010.

Re-exhibited at A Atelier in Aarhus in November 2011. Booklet